Style Hunter Fox Services

Brilliant photo composite created by Dano Tanaka at Style Hunter Fox.

Brilliant photo composite created by Dano Tanaka at Style Hunter Fox.


Let’s meet and chat about how you want to step up your personal style. Your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes. Are we planning a full wardrobe, makeup and hairstyle experience? Are we planning a specific photo shoot look? Each plan is designed to suit your individual needs and budget.

Closet Audit

I love to start in your closet! Choosing what to get rid of is hard for so many people but what you need is a fresh set of eyes. Most people are afraid of this step but in the end, find the process very liberating and informative! I will help you decide what looks good, what fits and what needs to be tailored, donated or consigned, and even take it away for you. I re-organize what’s left so your items are easier to find when getting dressed in the morning.  I pair outfits with pieces you already have and create a list of easy and stylish components to complete a functional wardrobe for your professional and personal lifestyle.

Personal Styling and Shopping

There are many reasons why people hire me to shop for them. Some love fashion but lack the time to piece together the looks that interest them. Some have a new, re-invented body that they don’t know how to dress. Some have a special occasion where they really want to shine. Many simply find the process daunting and unappealing. I want you to focus on what you’re great at, on what you love. I’ll help you look great while you do it.

I select items, according to your budget, and either have them waiting for you, in the changeroom or alternatively, bring them to you to try on in the comfort of your home. While you try on these new pieces, I will educate you on fit, styles and colours that look good on you, and pair outfits together with what you have. I’ll have you try things on you never would have considered.  I live off of those “Hey, this looks really good on me!” epiphany moments!  We’ll take lots of photos so you don’t forget anything. You decide what you want to buy and I return the rest. You may never step foot into a mall again! Whether shopping in Winnipeg, Montreal or LA – I enjoy having a continued dialogue with my clients. Often sending them pics if I see pieces that would look great or them asking my advice when they come across something as well.

Makeup and Hairstyling by Style Hunter Fox

As a hairstylist and makeup artist, I can complete the full makeover experience.

I offer full colour, cut, styling, and makeup services in my Winnipeg salon as well as special occasion and photo shoot work on location. I pride myself on precision cutting for both men and women.

My affinity for vintage fashion crosses over to hair and makeup as well. I love taking a modern girl and transforming  her into a 30s starlet or 50s pinup!