You NEED a Suit!

You may not think you need a suit, but you do.

Not just any old suit. A suit that fits fabulously well. A suit with interesting details, or great fabric or gorgeous colour. One that holds in the girls and hugs your butt.  A suit that makes you feel like you can take on the world!!

Seriously! It does that!

I’m not saying you need a suit because you probably have an office job or some interviews coming up. I have neither of those in my near future but find a suit to be a very useful tool in my wardrobe. 

I found this Italian made, GF FERRÉ suit from Redeemed Consignment in Winnipeg and immediately fell in love with all of its attributes; the textured tweed, versatile pale blue colour, contrasting cuffs and lining. The slit in the back zips as high or low as you like! Oh, those Italians… I knew that I would get a tonne of wear out of this magical ensemble and, being consignment, this investment piece was totally affordable! 

Okay, I absolutely love the juxtaposition of proper tweed with leather! Making these two opposing worlds collide makes me strut my stuff like the classy badass that I am! And that is exactly how every woman should feel in this outfit. Make sure your biker jacket is also a great fit or you will end up looking sloppy. 

Add variety to your spring and fall outerwear using the wool jacket. It’s the perfect weight and you can drape on a blanket scarf for extra interest and coziness. I wore this one from EMK Clothing a lot this past winter season. It almost doesn’t matter what you’re wearing underneath or where you’re going, a blazer gives your outfit a sense of purpose. 

Looking like a rockstar doesn’t mean ripped jeans and a band t-shirt. Pop that collar, add leather skinnies and walk in like you own the joint.

Who doesn’t adore the sexy librarian look? Anybody…? No, I didn’t think so. Belting a cardigan gives structure to the softer knit. 

Vintage fur lends instant glam and extra warmth on the way to the cocktail party. I like to make a statement when I walk in the door, not after I visit the coatcheck. 

A great fitting pencil skirt is an absolute wardrobe staple because it really can take you anywhere. Dressed down with boots and a thrifted sweater for a casual evening, a Lennard Taylor leather holster adds a modern edge. 

Why do we go out with only a flimsy pashmina to cover our shoulders? We know there will be air conditioning! We know we will be cold during speeches! Let’s stay pretty and prepared, shall we? Dress from WildWoodRose Vintage

Hey look, I just made leopard print (from The Foxy Shoppe) office appropriate! Thank you, tweed fabric. The daytime combinations with this soft blue are nearly endless. Your suit doesn’t need to be black in order to keep your options open.

See? You need a suit! A go-with-everything, where-anywhere, wardrobe-stretching, feel-like-a-bossbabe suit!

I can totally help you find it.
Style Hunter Fox 

And because this photo composite by Ian McCausland is so Vanity Fair incredible, I’m just going to place that here all over again!