Winter, here in Winnipeg, is long! Finding looks that are warm yet still interesting is crucial to my mental well being. It’s so easy to slip into the habit of the jeans/Uggs/parka uniform that the boredom of it all is sure to bring on the winter doldrums. There is another way!

 The inspiration for this look is the fully lined, tweed, vintage skirt from Wildwood Rose Vintage. I get super excited when I find a good winter skirt! The high waist and tulip shape of this one truly made me swoon.


 My shrunken wool sweater came from a client’s closet. She was, of course, ready to get rid of the ruined piece but I showed her the potential of it’s new cropped shape. She found that rather entertaining and insisted that I take it home. It works perfectly with the high waisted skirt and, let me tell you, there is nothing warmer than the dense pile of shrunken wool! But please, don’t try to mimic this happy accident at home!


 You’ve all heard it and I’ll say it again. The key to warmth is layering! What you can’t see here are the fleece lined leggings (mine are from Out Of The Blue), thick wool socks made for skiers, and lace trimmed camisole. Already warm!

I love coats! My hall closet is full and I faithfully wear every single one of them! I adore the military details of this navy Simon Chang and the full length is great when it’s really cold.


 Use fun winter accessories! If you find a vintage fur hat that you can afford, for heaven’s sake, please buy it! It’s a statement piece even if you are simply in your jeans/Uggs/parka uniform! Mine is, again, from Wildwood Rose Vintage. (Thank you Patti for having lovely things!) Find gloves in fun colours, touques with flowers, scarves in sumptuous hues. And be sure to not wear the same ones every day. In walks boredom again.


Boots. There are days when we need to wear our warmest thermals but going from home to garage to work usually doesn’t require them. Try to shake up your boot collection with some colour or interesting details.  The skinny heel on these Calvin Kleins provide excellent traction in snow!

Winter can be a lot of fun when you put in a little bit of effort. That includes your look.

Step Up Your Personal Style.

Style Hunter Fox