Vintage Pucci

When a person is obsessed with vintage clothing, as much as I am, there forms a bucket list of designers whose pieces need to be hunted down and acquired. For me the top of this list was firmly occupied by Emilio Pucci.Style_Hunter_Fox_Blog_47

 To give some history, in the early 1950s, Italian fashion designer, Emilio Pucci, pioneered the creation of revolutionary stretch fabrics, contrary to the stiff constraints of popular fashions of the time.

“Pucci was driven by the desire to liberate women, granting them unprecedented freedom of movement. His stretch silk and cotton jerseys were weightless, unlined, and wrinkle-proof – precursors for a modern, travel-friendly wardrobe that captivated a new generation of modern, active women.”  (

Later, he developed his signature graphic, abstract prints. His bold, radical approach earned him the title “Prince of Prints”.

“Instantly recognizable, Pucci’s glorious and joyful combinations exude energy and emotion and allow the designs of the clothes themselves to remain relatively simple.”Style_Hunter_Fox_Blog_49

It is these trademark, bright prints that always attracted me and created my desire. I’ll admit to being rather speechless when I spotted this 60s silk Pucci dress on a mannequin, at House of Vintage, in Vancouver. I even teared up a little when I tried it on! The treasure was found, it fit and it was mine!Style_Hunter_Fox_Blog_50

 This beauty did require some TLC. Most of the seams were unraveling in spots, requiring me to overstitch almost the entire dress. (Thank goodness for simple lines!) A gentle soak in cold water a couple of times brightened the colours too. The water got pretty yellow, first time around! Conveniently, the paler pink in this print is a perfect spring pantone, Strawberry Ice, that I wrote about in my last blog. Gotta love being vintage and on trend at the same time!Style_Hunter_Fox_Blog_48

The result, I think, was worth every effort and penny! I also thought it the perfect outfit to see “Rat Pack is Back” at The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra with my fellow vintage enthusiast and friend, Dano Tanaka. He, of course, took these amazing photos!


This dress has got to be the most comfortable way to feel this glam! My new work of art and favourite Italian, Calderone boots are like a match made in heaven. An eyelet lace, Dana Buchman, trench coat and modern Pucci, oversized clutch rounded out my evening’s look. I couldn’t wear a 60s dress without a beehive and Twiggy inspired makeup, of course!

The next great need in the Style Hunter Fox wardrobe? The vintage Channel….Swoon…

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