The Store That Provides

As I was taking down our Christmas tree last week (hey, if a thing brings us joy, it gets to stick around for awhile) I was reminded of how often I find the things we need at The Salvation Army Thrift Store that aren’t from the clothing racks. And although they call me one of their Creative Experts because of my fashion work, my love of thrifting touches every aspect of my home.Back in October, my kids and I oooh’d and aaah’d over a pink, white and gold Christmas display and promptly made that our decorating plan come December. We debated some potential crafts we could do to bring pink into our current decorations without having to buy a bunch of new ornaments. Two days later I walked into the thrift store to find no less than 7 pink feather boas! Problem solved. Boas make amazing tree garlands.

Well beyond Christmas we’ll do a hunt at Sally Anne in preparation of other events we host. 

We have found cheap pantyhose for 3 legged races.

 Pillowcases for potato sacks……or epic pillow fights.

Random costumy bits.

 …and tickle trunk treasures.

Photo shoot props and home decor like curtains, damask tablecloths, vases, teacups….

…and saris!Goodness, I love saris! Oh, and wine goblets, silver platters, fake flowers, parasols…you name it, I’ve found it.

Last summer, one of my daughters wanted her birthday party to resemble an enchanted Faery garden at night, in the middle of the day. I knew we wouldn’t have a problem thrifting some beautiful curtains to darken the windows and cover the archways to the living room.  But I really wanted to create a night sky on the ceiling. I pictured white lights covered by some sort of translucent, navy fabric and cringed at how many metres of tulle I would need from the fabric store. But there in the curtain isle, at my faithful Salvation Army, was the largest single cut of translucent fabric I had ever seen, and it was navy! And this is why we always hit the thrift store first! The three of us did a little happy dance as we wheeled our cartful of curtains to the checkout. This thing was gigantic, hemmed and had no sign of any hooks or loops to be used as curtains. The purpose of this miraculous blue apparition seemed to be to create a midnight glow in my living room.And because our “starry night” gave us joy, it too got to stick around for awhile. (Or until the 3M strips finally gave way) You can see that it was in the background of a few of my outfit selfies.

Great finds like this happen to me so often that I am rarely that surprised. Like when I found the pink boas, I smiled, nodded, and sent out a silent thank you to this store that simply provides.