The Prize

When I go shopping, for me or for a client, I get excited because I know that each store contains a prize and my challenge is to hunt it down. A prize, to me, is something unique that will add interest beyond the staples that each person has in their closet. The thing that adds style to an otherwise basic outfit. One of the benefits of thrift store shopping is the lower investment made on something that perhaps would be considered a high risk purchase. Something that’s not terribly practical. Something that isn’t on the “need” list but will add that certain spice to your wardrobe that your classics can’t do.


This sweet yellow blazer found at The Salvation Army Thrift Store fits the bill! And it’s been more flexible than one might think.

My casual tank top and skinny jeans got a perfect dose of chic for an evening at The Fringe Festival. The colourful, leather clutch that I also found at Sally Anne has been worn with almost everything since I got it.



How fun is this Mama Bear tank?! You can find it here.

The jacket added the necessary splash of colour to a basic, grey dress for the dining car on VIA rail.



And I knew that this pleated skirt I had thrifted last year was really going to up the cuteness factor of my new favourite treasure. Sometimes it’s fun to be matchy.



So, when you’re at the thrift store and an item catches your eye and makes you smile, go ahead and try it on. You may think, “But I have nothing like this. When would I wear it?” Well, that’s the point. Maybe it’s the sparkle your closet needs. Maybe you’ve found your prize.


Style Hunter Fox