Sweater Weather

These chilly September mornings make me want linger longer over my coffee and stay in my cozy robe. Who has time for that? I have kids to take to school, wardrobes to critique, people to shop for! I’ll have to swap the robe for a sweater instead.

I don’t often dedicate much of my thrifting time to the sweater isle because it takes just that, extra time. Knitwear, by nature, is simply more prone to show signs of wear so it takes a little more scrutiny and care to find pieces that aren’t pilly or frayed. But like every other section of The Salvation Army Thrift Store, here too there are treasures to be found.
This beautifully soft v-neck still had the original Mexx store tags so it was never worn! It’s fitted and basic and a lovely colour for layering under all of the fall jackets I showed you last week, for when those chilly autumn winds blow. But please, don’t get me started on that antiquated no-white-after-labour-day rule. 

How’s this for business in the front, party in the back?! So fun!! Great example of looking through all the size sections at the Thrift Store. This sweater looked very strange on the hanger and very wide thanks to the cowled back it was labeled as large. The narrow sleeves and my love of weirdness made me think it was worth a try anyway. Score! Yeah, my bra strap is showing, but that’s okay! I picked a pretty one. 😉

Long, warm, cable knit, turtleneck…It’s the staple for every fall wardrobe! I predict it will have to endure plenty of wear by the time spring time rolls around. Invest in a department store sweater shaver for when a favourite piece gets pilly and shabby looking. They work wonders to bring it back to life! 

I love a good sweater dress! Perfect combination of classy and cozy. Plus I just couldn’t resist that red. This will easily go from office to holiday house party without a shiver. 

Stay warm and thrifty,

Style Hunter Fox