Spring Clothing Swap

IMG_6928I have a clothing swap coming up soon, here in Winnipeg. I’m being my own Style Hunter Fox and rifling through my closets for buried treasure. We all have them, hiding in plain sight. Those items you put on then change right out of because there is something about it that just doesn’t make you feel good. Maybe it doesn’t fit quite right, the colour is wrong, or you’re kind of tired of it. So many reasons! Well don’t these pieces deserve a happy home instead of collecting dust? Won’t getting dressed take less time if you weren’t wasting time looking at clothes that don’t work? Time to clear that stuff out! The basic rule of thumb is, if you haven’t worn it in a year, it’s time to let it go! If making these decisions are really difficult for you, I can help!

Listen to my interview (Posted 4/22/2014) on QX104 with Leanne Cater about getting your closet ready for spring. Or listen here

photo 2Now what are you gonna do with this pile of clothes? Charity stores will gladly pick it up for you which is super convenient! You can take the pieces that are still in great shape to a consignment store to sell. I love this option for my clients! Great way to get some return on your clothing investments.

My favourite way to deal with those unwanted items is a clothing swap! It’s a fun evening with girlfriends full of shopping and maybe a bit of vino.  Everyone always finds something perfect to take home and the best part is that it’s free! SHOPPING FOR FREE!! Not to mention that all of those clothes being recycled is very green.

Here are some tips for hosting your own.

Invite loads of people of every size and encourage your guests to bring a friend. Try to borrow clothing racks from friends and set them up according to size to make everyone’s shopping easier. Pull full length mirrors from the rest of your house and put them around your new “boutique”.  Don’t forget to close the blinds. Your living room sometimes turns into a communal change room! Serve a few refreshments and snacks et voila! Shopping and a party with the gals! What more could a fashionista ask for?