Sparkle and Dimes

I love how New Years Eve gives even the most conservative the licence to put on a bit of glam. What can be discouraging though is how expensive this night can be. Tickets to an event, maybe dinner beforehand, tack on a new dress and that’s a hefty bill to pay right after Christmas! But my “I can Thrift anything” mantra still rings true when it comes to sparkle. 

Women are notorious for only wanting to be seen in an outfit once, especially on formal occasions. This is why I’m never surprised to see gorgeous dresses at The Salvation Army Thrift Store in perfect condition. And why not? There are already so many beautiful pieces floating around our collective closets, it only makes sense to send them back out into the world and share the love! 

This playful little number makes me want to dance all night! Sometimes, going bold with colour or a pattern on your legs will show them off more than leaving them bare. The unexpected always makes an impact. 
Make a statement the moment you walk in with your outerwear. An ankle length wool coat or a vintage fur say “I’m here!” much louder than a parka. 
Did you notice all of my bangles? I started my collection years ago at a flea market and keep adding when I come across more. I can now wear a few or stack them up high in any colour scheme I need. Super versatile and fun.

I love how adding a cute little sweater easily brings down the austerity of a formal ball gown or skirt.
And now this floral, summer cardi has really upped its elegance factor.

Broaches don’t have to be for a lapel. Add one to a waistline or sash. Again, with the unexpected. 
You will always feel regal in something to the floor. 

If there isn’t enough sparkle in your outfit, add it with your purse. Having pretty handbags on hand makes dressing up any look quite simple. Just make sure your cell phone fits while you’re hunting at the thrift store. A vintage purse was designed for only a lipstick, compact and handkerchief. Mine just made it! 

I’m not often one for a little black dress (I don’t like the idea of blending in, you may have noticed that.)  but with its shimmering pattern, sequinned edges and ballerina skirt this one has enough drama to pass the Style Hunter Fox test. 

This time a broach pin was attached with bobby pins into my hair. A little glitz without going all out tiara. 

Don’t worry about jewelry not being a matching set. One of the things I love about thrifting is having a collection of odd yet beautiful things that will go together to create a unique ensemble. Here I am wearing rhinestones, grey pearls, silver pearls, black stones and a silver cuff. But don’t they play nice?

There is something about bare shoulders that makes a girl feel flirtatious.

So cheers to taking a glamorous step into 2017 without breaking the bank. Isn’t that a great way to start a new year? 

Special thanks to the iconic Fort Garry Hotel for all of its magnificent architecture. They are hosting a New Years Eve party in The Palm Lounge (first come, first serve) featuring, first, Jonathan Alexiuk, and then, Woody Holler and His Orchestra. From the stories the bar tender told me, it sounds like it’ll be quite the bash! 

Big thanks to Jun Angeles for his photography skills!

All Clothing and accessories from The Salvation Army Thrift Store

Happy Thrifting and a Happy New Year,

Style Hunter Fox