Snow Magic

2014 “Winter Goddess” with Dano Tanaka.

We have had a huge dump of snow here in Manitoba over the last few days. Enough to shut down highways, delay buses, close schools, and get vehicles stuck everywhere. But for all its inconveniences, there really is something magical about that fresh blanket of snow. 

2014 “Winter Goddess” with Dano Tanaka.

The heavy laden trees, the crisp air, the crunch of thick snow under well threaded boots. These all spur memories and make me smile, even while shovelling my driveway. 

Photo by Dano Tanaka.

Perhaps it’s because I have kids that this snowfall has been so highly anticipated and appreciated in my house. 

Snow fun 2015 with Dano Tanaka.

I feel I will never forget yesterday’s conversation, in the car, after picking them up from school. Even after mentioning the major “bootie” my youngest got at recess that soaked most of her school sock…

8 yo “On days like today, I am amazed that I could ever say I don’t like winter!” 
11 yo “or that in spring we’ll be sick of snow!”
8 yo “or that I wish for a summer birthday! Winter is awesome!” 

I love how kids truly live in the moment and fully appreciate the joy laid out in front of them. Their enthusiasm is definitely contagious and we enjoyed the archeological dig in our blanketed front yard for the hidden, inflatable Christmas decorations and started work on the annual snow fort. 

Snow fun 2015 with Dano Tanaka.

I know that we have yet to hit the -30 temperatures that will have us all questioning our prairie existence and come spring we will yearn once again for our flip flops but for now, I will enjoy the magic. 

Vintage dress, fur shawl and pearls from The Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Thank you to my friend, Dano Tanaka for capturing moments like these. 

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