Raw Denim Custom Jeans by Lennard Taylor of Winnipeg

Raw denim jeans have become a trend in the last couple of years. They are investment pieces that your wardrobe can’t be without and only improve over time.

I consider myself to be one of the lucky few who have had the opportunity to have Winnipeg artist and fashion designer, Lennard Taylor (Facebook Fanpage), create a pair of custom, raw jeans for me. He helped me choose this black denim that has a bit of stretch for comfort. I asked for embellishments like his signature “Prairie Grass” stitching and “Frankenstein” leather patchwork. I think it’s all very Style Hunter Fox!

Lennard_Taylor_Style_Hunter_Fox_02 Lennard_Taylor_Style_Hunter_Fox_07.JPG

I have been accustomed to washing and drying my jeans often. Not because they were dirty, but because they would get stretched out and saggy looking and I would need to tighten them back up again. Not so with these.

Lennard gave me some advice for caring for my new work of art. It is important to wash raw denim as seldom as possible so they can truly become a part of you and fit like nothing else you own. “If you get a them dirty – own up, and spot clean right away.” Putting your denim in a plastic bag, in the freezer over night will kill any bacteria. Once you decide they must be washed, do so in cold water and lay flat to dry. He even advised to put them on when they are still slightly damp to further that “second skin” fit that you can only get from raw denim.

Lennard_Taylor_Style_Hunter_Fox_12 Lennard_Taylor_Style_Hunter_Fox_19

I’ve been wearing mine often for a few months now, still unwashed, and they have become my new go-to. They were a bit stiff at first and the waistband (which has no stretch) felt slightly tight. They are now super comfortable yet hold their shape so they always look great. The waist feels perfect and never rides down; something that has always been a pet peeve of mine.

I love them so much I had to pay Lennard Taylor a visit at Portage Place mall.  His denim, along with the rest of his clothing and leather fashions, are available for a limited time, at Launch It pop up shop, on the second floor. Check out his trademark leather holsters! While I was there I decided to give these grey, distressed, boyfriend jeans a new home.

Lennard has also taken on the role of director for RAW:natural born artists. Keep your eyes open for the next Winnipeg showcase in June.