Pastels: For My Colour Loving Soul

It’s trying to be spring here in Winnipeg! Winter is being stubborn, like my daughter said this week. As the previously clean blanket of white snow slowly disappears into puddle-y patches of brown, what do you crave?

Me? I crave some pretty. I want flowers and a kaleidoscope of pastels to go with the sunshine that is trying so hard to warm my face.

I have yet to find these in nature this year, but fashion never fails me.

When I was younger, I found it strange that stores would start selling the next season’s outfits weeks (if not months) before the weather suited them. But now, I am more grateful than confused to see the spring injection in early March.

Out Of The Blue is a wonderful boutique that I’ve been shopping at for at least 20 years. (How am I old enough to have been spending my own money for that long?) There, I can always find pieces that bring me joy, regardless of the season.

With a full range of options from casual to formal, from pretty bralettes to shoes to jewelry and even cute housewares, it is still my favourite part of visiting Osborne Village. Their Instagram is a mega dose of pretty that’s worth the follow!

I also knew that Ken Lozano, the extra funky, in-house designer of Aldo Formal Wear would have some spring inspiration for me to choose from.

This man is neither afraid of colour, nor of pushing the boundaries in men’s and women’s suits and tuxedo designs. Yes, he does custom work! All of a sudden, I think I need a tux!

Big thanks to Sous Sol. Dinner out in this hidden Osborne Village speakeasy inspired me to put a 20s flare on my pastel cravings, our hairstyles, and the makeup by artist Ryan McCoy

Paul Misseghers (Belle Art Portrait) proved, once again, his lighting genius. Masterfully making us look so good in a moody space that is lit predominantly by candlelight. His Instagram is super inspiring.

I’ll indulge in plenty of bright hues come summer but for now, these pastels warm my colour loving soul.

Wardrobe and Hair styling:
Style Hunter Fox

Ryan McCoy

Belle Art Portrait

Out Of The Blue

Aldo Formal Wear

Sous Sol Osborne Village

Daniel Piché
Jayanti Shalini Sharma

Chris Aniceto Sousa

Madeline Brandt (Swish Model Management