Men Should Thrift Too

This is Reno. He is a life and business coach with a background in fashion styling (hence his preferred title of Life Stylist.) He spent last winter working in Bali and did a major wardrobe purge before leaving. Now, he’s back in Canada and finding himself pretty bare when it comes to fall clothes. Starting a new wardrobe from scratch would be very expensive, unless you go thrifting with me. 

Being a stylist, Reno knows what he likes but had no idea how much selection and quality was going to be available for him at The Salvation Army Thrift Store. 

We spent a couple hours, tried on a cart full of clothes, had a blast, took advantage of a 50% off sale and, came away with way more than he thought possible.

Here is his shopping breakdown.

5 sweaters 

4 pairs of pants

8 dress shirts

1 blazer

3 fun costumy  pieces that he can’t wait to play with

Total $120

Great fit and details on these pieces.

Layer it up. This is what makes fall fashion fun and interesting.

Welcome back to Canada, Reno. It’s time to get cozy.

This was his very popular outfit for Nuit Blanche. I believe he was quite pleased with his many compliments that night. 

He confessed that these thrifted jeans fit him better than any he has bought before. Look at the details on that shirt!!

Blazers, dress shirts, dress pants. He really got everything!

In his words, he said he felt like he walked in like a boy, in his shorts and tshirt, and walked out like a man, with his new grown up wardrobe. 

If you want to be inspired by more than Reno’s sense of style, you can check out his website or follow him on Facebook

Who is coming with me for the next Style Hunter Fox thrifting experience?! Is it you?