It’s About The Boots

I live in Winnipeg. If you’re not from here, the one thing you probably know about Winnipeg is that it will get darn cold here in the winter! As much as we like to complain about our weather, we also know how to handle it. We don’t speak in terms of winter clothes but of winter gear. Like the stuff you would need for wilderness survival, not just an extra layer to keep the snowflakes off of your suit. And what do you really need to feel warm? Boots.

Now I will wear my big old Sorels, like any other self respecting Winnipeger, when I need to. (Which, by the way, have some cute options now!) I don them when I’m shlepping my kids to school, shoveling the sidewalks, building a snow fort… But you know that won’t be my jam when I’m carrying on with my daily stylin’ life!



I got to check out some boots at Canadian Footwear on Adelaide, recently, with Brian Scharfstein.Style_Hunter_Fox_Blog_112

The president of the company, face behind the store and the son of the man who acquired it in 1932. He is charismatic, stylish, and as a certified pedorthist (like a pharmacist for feet) he is passionate about foot health and fit. Read more about the history here.  The Exchange District building is half foot health clinic and half shoe store and the employees strive to offer their “We Fit You” experience.


This shop is huge! And has something for absolutely everyone. Men, women, children, seniors, athletes, fashionistas…if you have feet, you’ll find what you need here. Boots galore! All the big names, as warm as you want them. Canadian made, Laurentian Chief Mukluks among them.



And oh, some sweeet fashion options!


I had a hard time choosing a new pair of boots from their wide range of lines but finally settled on a chic and edgy pair of booties by Blondo.


Blondo is a Canadian company that ensures comfort, and weather proofing on all of their fashionable footwear. These are seriously comfortable, pretty cozy,and I couldn’t believe it when Brian told me that they were waterproof. I have also enjoyed offering a supporting arm to my guy friends in their slippery shoes because I’m the one with the traction in these hard working babies.


Ankle high booties are super versatile from fall to spring. Pair them with a maxi coat when the temperatures drop.

After wearing these almost constantly, and with everything I own, I decided to pay another visit and find a new pair of above the knee boots. A style that is now a long lasting trend and a staple to my wardrobe. The pair I wanted were sadly out of my size and no longer available but their excellent customer service sprang into action and we found Eden, a new over the knee style by Blondo. A pair, for me, was promptly ordered.

Well aren’t  these clean and sleek! I’m totally in love.


Over the knee boots and mini sweater dresses play together perfectly.

The stretchy back panel ensures a good fit along the leg and makes them comfortable at the back of the knee. I’ve been told that Canadian Footwear plans on carrying this boot next fall and winter.



If you’re in Winnipeg, you should check out Fashion on Ice at 3:00 on February 14th at The Forks.Style_Hunter_Fox_Blog_114

An outdoor event in collaboration with Festival Du Voyageur. I’ll be modeling in the show, along with many other movers and shakers of our fine city. Fashions will be by local designers (like my beloved Voila par Andreanne) and is presented in collaboration with Canadian Footwear and Mountain Equipment Co-op.

Now, you may ask, why do we have a fashion show on our frozen river? Because we love to celebrate our designers and, like it or not, winter is a part of our lives so we gear up and embrace it.  


And nobody embraces winter like a Winnipeger.


All photos by Dano Tanaka.

Maxi coat from Vintage Glory.

Plaid blanket scarf from Smash Knits.

Top hat, faux fur hat, mustard scarf and, fingerless gloves from The Haberdashery.

Purse, swing coat and, sweater dress from Lennard Taylor.