Epic Steampunk Family

Halloween is the time of year, for most people, to put on theme parties and costumes! Our favourite time of year for doing this is for the girl’s birthdays. This summer, we hosted an epic Steampunk themed party for Scarlett! Here are some details.IMG_6291

First, many of you will ask, what is Steampunk?
Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. 

We put weeks of prep into this one which, as always, included a tonne of thrifting at The Salvation Army Thrift Store! Soon, it will seem, all of my home decor will have been purchased originally as a party prop! What is my decor style? Modern Hogwarts? Faery garden chic? It changes so often that your guess is as good as mine. One thing is for sure though, there is always some sort of creative project going on…or three.

After one very successful weekend of party shopping we decided to make a thrift haul video for our Youtube channels. (Yes, we each have one.) You can see what we bought and how we ended up turning all of those random bits into steampunk party magic. We had so much fun doing this together, I hope that you enjoy a glimpse into our proud brand of weirdness!

Once we had all of those random bits, we got to work. Plastic, toy guns and robots got a steampunk makeover with layers of paint and dozens of gears found on Amazon.



I woke up at 3am one night as my mind decided to make an arm gun out of a plastic water bottle. Took me a long time to figure it out but I am super proud of the result!



Pop bottles, foam padding that came inside of some tall boots, a couple of belts, a toy test tube, plastic tubing, a lid, a printed gauge, carpet under-padding, spray paint and, MANY sticks of hot glue became a jetpack for our party’s chief Aviator, Ruby.



Our living room was the setting of the “Nox Society of Innovation” Steampunk workshop with HUGE cogs rented from Unique Events, here in Winnipeg.IMG_6443 (1)

This “machine” was made up of a random collection of thrifted things, items from around the house (can you spot my citrus juicer “lever”?), a halloween mist maker, rented cogs, and molded cardboard packaging that got a metallic finish. Thankfully, no one asked what this concoction actually does.



The dining room was the airship for our Steampunk party adventure. The curtains were thrifted and hung with simple masking tape. The fabric started to loosen so I re enforced it with straight pins into the tape as well. That did the trick and my half blimp stayed up for a few weeks before I finally had the heart to take down my hard work. Here is where the party guests had tea and discussed our plans to find the elusive  “energometer” (a lightbulb!), the missing piece to having our airship ready for flight.



They enjoyed a scavenger hunt to find it along with a map (made by Scarlett) that took them on a round the block, airship adventure.IMG_6212


Their destination ended at a park behind our house where my partner, Dan and I rushed to set up a picnic to celebrate their successful adventure with some cake! IMG_6150


A steampunk, top hat cake!FullSizeRender


Some of our guests came by for a visit during the week leading up to the party to sort out a steampunk costume. This was a lot of fun for Scarlett who got a taste of what it’s like to be a stylist like her mom.IMG_6208


As per usual, we didn’t want our hard work to go un-photographed. Our good friend Paul at Belle Art Portrait did some really great effects on the photos he took of our epic Steampunk Family!IMG_6712

IMG_6716 IMG_6714 IMG_6717 IMG_6715 IMG_6711