Cold Snap Salvation

We’ve been having quite a cold snap here in Winnipeg lately. But, thankfully, I had a serendipitous trip to The Salvation Army Thrift Store a few weeks back when I found some key pieces that have kept me both warm and stylish through it all.

First is this camel coloured merino wool sweater dress by BCBG. It’s fitted on top, super soft, really warm, and basic enough to take me from the Christmas shopping to a Holiday party! I looked for it online just for kicks and discovered that it is now on sale for $143 down from $387! Or in my case, $15.99 at my trusty thrift store. (Cue that IKEA “start the car!” commercial!)

I love the flared, cut away hem.

The same trip lead me to a dyed raccoon jacket for $26! I knew in theory, of course, that fur is warm but boy does this thing keep me toasty! It’s unlined, has no tags and may be a bit rough around the edges but this unpolished edge keeps it casual enough that I can wear it everywhere and with everything. Which I totally have!

Crazy thing about this jacket is that the colour changes depending on the light! I thought it was green when I bought it (as it appears in this elevator selfie) but outside it is clearly on the brown side and sometimes, I swear it’s closer to purple. Super weird and extra fun!

Lastly, I have to mention the boots! They’re soft leather with a cozy lining and grippy rubber soles marked Sona. My quick, online search lead me to both a shoe shop in India or an online shoe source from Russia. Fun thing about thrifting, you really do find items from all over the planet! My legs appreciate the warmth of high coverage and I love a skinny heel for extra traction on snow.

Even with all of my thrifting experiences, I am still surprised by what I find. So my best how-to advice is simply to GO. GO often, GO to various locations, GO when you have ten minutes, GO when you have an hour. You want to find the finds? Just GO!