Back To School Thrifting

Back to school shopping is a family right of passage, every August. With kids activities starting back up too, it’s an expensive time of year! We cut some of those costs by visiting The Salvation Army Thrift Store.

My kids quite like thrifting, actually. They Enjoy perusing the odd and unusual things one can find in the housewares section and imagine them into crafts and Faery garden decorations. Thrift stores are so fun for a creative bunch like us!

Like most kids, clothes shopping can be kind of a drag so I whip through those racks, pulling out only what looks promising and gets a quick nod of approval from the little one. It’s important when thrifting kids clothes to take a good look at the potential pieces for rips and signs of excessive wear. Although I do find that The Salvation Army does a good pre-sort and most things are in pretty good shape. We came home with quite a few treasures to head into the school year!

Fleece will be a necessity all to soon! Denim stands up to wear so there is lots to choose from in really great condition.  These jeans will be worn maybe once in the next year since, alas, my kids seem to hate wearing them. So they will be just as perfect when I re-donate them next year! 

Ooooo, matching skorts and tank top? Yes please!

For the school’s western themed event, I believe we will all match this year! Yes, I am that mom and I will milk it until the girls find it embarrassing! 

The same plaid skirt is every day cool with a graphic tee.

These aren’t a matching set but there can never be too much purple in my daughter’s life. These practical pieces will all get a lot of use this year.

And of course, we will be prepared for every party that comes along! 

Here are their favourite outfits that they can’t wait to show their friends…

Floral party dress for the girly girl.

Bright and comfortable athletic wear for the one who doesn’t stop moving.

Now to do the back-to-school laundry.

Style Hunter Fox