A Summer Day at Thermëa

I was recently invited to enjoy  Thermëa Nordik Spa in Summer Mode. A gorgeous space to experience saunas, steam rooms, cool dip pools, hot tubs and relaxation spots. I’ve had wonderful experiences there in the winter. My Christmas treat to myself was 5 hours in restful bliss on Boxing Day, last year. To be honest, I didn’t think that spending a day heating and cooling your body tempterature would be as enjoyable in the summer. I was wrong.

The prescribed use of Thermëa is to go from heat to cold and then rest, repeating the thermal cycle at least three times. The areas to rest that I had been to in the winter have heated beds and benches, headphones with soothing music and sounds and an outdoor fire within an open roof cottage with adarondak chairs. All spaces were extraordinary in the winter but I didn’t think would be appealing on a hot summer day. Besides, being a Winnipeger with our long winters, I want to be outside as much as I can when our weather is beautiful. What I didn’t know about though was their spacious “beach” area.

Complete with plenty of hammocks, loungers, and beds.
I was accompanied by my friends, Steve, from here in Winnipeg, and Jeremy, visiting from Mexico. We all had a super relaxing day.

To be prepared be sure to bring a bathing suit, robe,  water bottle, sunscreen, hat, and a good read. Thermëa robes can be rented and the infusion bottle I’m using can be purchased. I’ve used mine a lot since then.

If you’re spending more than a few hours (and why wouldn’t you?) enjoy lunch or dinner at Restö. I had the tasty and popular Croque Nordik and the blueberry lavender mojito is delish.

A favourite part if Thermëa, whatever time of year you go, is the sauna Aufguss ritual.

The Aufguss ritual heightens the effects of this traditional vaporisation technique by using water enriched with natural essential oils. As soon as the water is poured onto the stones, a burst of vapor with health enhancing properties is released. The Aufguss master uses a large towel to agitate the air, fanning those present, who need do nothing more than breathe deeply to allow the essential oils to work their magic. The burst of enriched air is a subtle pleasure to the senses, enhancing the many benefits already enjoyed in the dry sauna. (Thermëa website)

Our Aufguss master was an extraordinary dancer named Kat who truly hightened the experience with her graceful movements. Of course, I tracked her down for a pic.

These bean bag type loungers are mega comfortable!

The kettle fire from my bean bag looking up to one of the relaxation buildings on the property. It’s hard to believe, nestled in here, that you’re in the middle of a city.

Next time I have day to myself this summer and I don’t feel like inviting myself to a friend’s with a pool, you know where I’ll be. The Thermal Experience is $45 Monday-Thursday and $49 on the weekend with no limit to how many hours you can spend there. Sold!

Thank you, Thermëa for providing Winnipeg with such a relaxing getaway within our city. Check out more enticing photos here and spend a day you will never regret.

Style Hunter Fox