Royal Thrifting

Costuming is my jam, for myself, friends and family. Not only for Halloween but for many other themed events I will attend over the course of a year. 

I will admit though, I am a costume snob! Those flimsy, pre-packaged costumes do make me cringe! They feel terrible, they look cheep and they make me think of the underpaid factory worker who made that “sexy nurse” possible. When I wear a costume, I want to look like that person in their clothes, not like me in a nylon version of them. That’s where the thrift store comes in!

When I go thrifting for Halloween costumes, I don’t often have to preconceived notion as to what I want to be. Keeping an open mind to what the treasures will reveal to you is when the magic happens! 
There was certainly a big princess phase in my household of girls but my kids are both past that stage. However, when these costume ideas showed up in the house they were quite excited and ready to help sharpen the details. It also helped that these characters are both blondes. Deciding on a costume that cooperates with your hair colour can eliminate the need for wigs. My hair wasn’t quite long enough for Elsa’s signature braid but my 8 year old conceded that the blue extensions I had would do.

This pale blue gown with sheer sleeves screamed Elsa! I opened a front seam to create the slit and the shoulder train I attached was made from a curtain that I also found a The Salvation Army Thrift Store. The linen section is a brilliant spot to find pieces of fabric! 

The shiny royal blue skirt for Cinderella was found first. I knew it had princess potential and figured I’d find something to work with it. You can understand the happy dance I did when the beaded bustier sparkled its way into my life the following week! The bustles and sleeves were created from the same curtain fabric as Elsa’s train.

It’s important, when creating a costume, to both pay attention to details but not get bogged down by them. My daughter pointed out that Cinderella definitely needed sleeves so I added them but I didn’t let it bother me that the royal blue is probably too dark and my gloves were the wrong colour. Elsa’s dress should be off the shoulder but this one pulled off the look.

Happy costuming,

Style Hunter Fox