Welcome to Style Hunter Fox!

Becoming a personal stylist, for me, was inevitable. I’ve always pulled together style from seemingly nothing. It helped having older sisters from whom to poach choice items when an outfit needed completing, and a seamstress mother who could bring to life many of my fashion desires. I learned early how much I loved the thrill of the hunt in thrift stores (still do!), and developed an appreciation for things vintage or unique.

Style Hunter Fox About

I’ve always helped friends shop and purge their closets. Always answered the call of, “Monique! Help me! I don’t know what I’m doing!”

Watching the TV Show  “What Not to Wear” was my final inspiration to make my skills and passion a career. As a hairstylist for nearly 20 years and a self taught makeup artist for 4, I watched the show and thought “Wait a minute. I AM that show!”

Attending the School of Style in Los Angeles, was a great asset where I could cement the skills of personal styling. Not to mention exploring LA’s fashion district which is a style hunter’s dream come true!

So, here I am. Performing closet audits, pushing fashion comfort zones, and creating wardrobes that are both stylish and practical. Using my hunting skills to find deals that clients never could. I push those limits for Winnipeg one outfit at a time!

Step up your personal Style!